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The weather turns out to be affecting the exteriors of the property, creating moisture damage, chips, and cracks in the sidings. When the moisture penetrates the sidings, the damage spreads quickly and creates time-consuming repairs.

At Star Builders Construction Inc, our team of skilled technicians will be trained to handle any type of siding project, big or small, and make sure that the property is well-protected and appealing. We offer our services in Hills, Pasadena, Burbank, and Los Angeles.

We work towards using the best materials for our siding projects, like Hardie siding. This fiber cement siding material is known for its durability, strength, and resistance to weathering. It comes in a variety of colors and textures to match any specific architectural style and personal preference. Our Hardie siding installers are certified and skilled in installing this, with a flawless and long-lasting finish.

Thus installing Hardie siding will ensure to protect the necessary and make it an invaluable investment. Choose our professional and reliable siding contractor to ensure that your property is well-protected and looks great for years to come.

Benefits of using Hardie siding -

Hardie siding is made of a solid composite of sand, cement and cellulose fibers, and fiber cement. The Hardie siding works as one of the most durable and fire-resistant alternatives to natural wood siding.

And it can be made to appear aesthetically pleasing of wood or stone.

1.  Unrivaled durability –

Hardie board siding is known for its durability. Due to its element-resisting fiber cement makeup, this siding can withstand all conditions. With time, it stands up well to prevent wear and tear. It also resists moisture penetration and saves the repairs caused due to rotting, swelling, or warping.

2.  Enhances curb appeal – 

The Hardie Siding is well-designed with grooves and grains that produce a gorgeous, real-wood look, without time-consuming maintenance. James Hardie allows you to achieve any desired look for the home.

3.  Pest Resistant – 

Our James Hardie siding brings about an excellent defense against termites and various other insects. This shows why this siding is the most likable choice among builders and homeowners.

4.  Fire Resistance – 

A siding can resist fire which is vital in this day and age. As the home’s exterior is the first line of defense, it is essential to choose the siding accordingly to stand up against the flames. Hardie Siding provides your family with added protection against fires.

5.  Low maintenance – 

We bring about the siding that doesn’t fade, crack, or warp, and thus requires low maintenance and lesser repairs. This siding retains the color better and longer.

6.  Weather resistance – 

Major bad weather winds conditions affect or damage the siding. Installing Hardie siding prevents cracking and other forms of weathering and is highly moisture resistant.

7.  Eco-friendliness – 

Hardie Siding provides long-lasting products that require less frequent replacements which means sending less to landfills. With proper sustainable uses and natural materials, this siding is one of the best environmentally-friendly siding options.

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